Prizmdoll LLC


PrizmDoll is a small company owned by a BJD enthusiast trying to provide you artist dolls and BJD eyes of high quality in mainly realistic or semi-realistic style. Our main feature id high attention to details.

While we do offer high level of customization (especially for eyes) we will not accept requests to copy work of other authors. Instead we’re striving to produce our own unique designs that are hard to reproduce, create new techniques or at least create realistic eyes based on photos.

Custom orders are welcome.

For the time being only eyes are available, but stay tuned to see our first doll soon!

Pro-Artist. Anti-Recast.



Materials used for creating our eyes are urethane resin TASK3 and non-toxic epoxy resin with addition or same brand colorants, watercolor, acrylic paint and glitter.

We do not use gems and probably never will.

All resin parts are cast with the use of pressure chamber to make them more dense, structurally strong and eliminate internal flaws such as bubbles.



Several years ago i moved to USA and finally got a chance to pursue my hobby of collecting bjd dolls.

While i was mainly purchasing dolls and parts, something felt like it was missing. So i started customize my dolls and make everything from scratch. Styles of eyes, makeup and clothes hat i came up with started to have their own specific flavor that not many people seem to produce so it created a niche that was waiting to be filled in long time ago.

My first eyes were put in my dolls, later friends were interested in getting my eye design and from that point on i knew that i wanted to make dolls for living and dedicate big portion of my life to that craft.



Every single item is made by hand by only one person. Due to the handmade nature of each item, small variations may occur. Please note that these variations are not considered defects and add to the quality of this handmade item.

Due to to curing and drying times of ingredients, all “made to order” items are made simultaneously on a monthly basis, so it takes up to 30 days to make all the orders. All items are packed in plastic containers and shipped as soon as ready.

All “in stock” items are send withing 2 days unless overnight delivery is requested.

Custom colors can be made upon request if materials are available. Please contact us if you have any requests.

ATTENTION! BJD dolls and BJD eyes are small or contain many small parts, so they are prohibited to be in use by small kids due to choking hazard. Official age label for our produce is 13+ old. Please make sure that all the small parts and eyes are stored back in a box and put away if they are not in use.