{List will be updated as the questions arise.}

Q:what sizes of eyes are available?

A: Size of the eyes depends on style, but overall most eyes are available in sizes from 10mm t 20mm. Selected styles are available in 8 and 6 mm. All eyes are measured by jewelry making calipers to ensure precise sizing. Photos with measurements for each style of the eyes are usually attached to item in the store.

Q: what colors of eyes are available?

A: Most in stock items will probably be colors of real eyes, such as blue, hazel etc. But custom colors are available and for most part have no restrictions. All colors including metallics are available for custom orders, otherwise please take a look at in’stock section of the store.

Q: what shape are the eyes you make?

A: Default eye shape is a sphere since it fits every doll eye socket and provides the most angles and positions available without creating gaps between eye and the eyelid due to the shape of the dome. If you need a dome for your bjd eyes please make a note of it in the order and the domes will be made as big as you want.

Q: are you making custom COMMISSIONS?

A: Yes, for all standard sizes and colors.

Q: Can you make me eyes of unusual sizes such as 15, 13 or 9 mm?

A: Generally - no. Making new eye size with exactly same pattern and shape complexity takes time and materials. Silicone molds become dry and crumbly even when not used, so making only one pair of special size eyes is fairly wasteful. Special sizing is only possible for group orders over 10 pairs.

Q: what CUSTOMIZATION is available?

A: 1) Eye base color

2) Dome and gloss color

3) Pupil color and size

4) Iris color (many iris sizes are already available).

Q: How do I order custom eyes?

A: Once a month there will be a custom slot open for few eye types. You can use that or please contact us and name your mail “custom request“. Describe the nature of customization and we’ll tell you if we are able to make it.

Q: are you available for batch orders?

A: Yes, absolutely. If you are preparing your dolls, but you have no eyes and you’d like to get several pairs of the same kind from us, we can definitely make a batch for you on request as long as it is requested at least a month in advance.

Q: are you shipping worldwide?

A: We are located in Seattle, WA USA. we are ready to ship you our product worldwide as long as you are ready to pay for delivery. For certain orders delivery may be more than the price of the items themselves, which will be brought up to your attention and separate invoice for shipping may be offered. We reserve the right to cancel the purchase and refund money in case if delivery proves to be nearly impossible.

Q: Is tracking available for parcels?

A: Yes, tracking number will be sent to you once items are shipped. We are also implementing tracking on site very soon so you should be able to create profile and track all your purchases on this site in your order history. if you encounter any problems with tracking please notify us and we’ll try to resolve it ASAP.