CUSTOM ORDER (anything goes)

CUSTOM ORDER (anything goes)


Custom eyes design order.

Luxury layered handmade urethane eyes.

I’m specializing on making realistic and fantasy eyes. I will d my best to make any design you ask me. There is no restriction on size, dome or color. Just add this item to your shopping cart and answer the questionnaire that will appear in front of you - it will help both you and me to completely and easily describe the eyes you need.

You can always go back to your cart and edit the questionnaire before finally buying commission slot.

At the moment amount of available slots per cycle is 10. Cycle is usually 30 days, at the end of which all eyes are finished. If i’m not too busy i open more slots before the cycle ends so stay tuned to be updated =)

Contact me if you have more questions about commissions.

Thank you!

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