MADE TO ORDER: White Rabbit

MADE TO ORDER: White Rabbit


Urethane eyes.

Handmade and hand painted. Made to order items are finished and shipped within 30 days. All in-stock items are shipped withing 48 hours.

All eyes come with a certificate of authenticity telling when the eyes were manufactured so you can track the age of urethane. All eyes come packed in a plastic case and secured with a sticky putty. All containers are thoroughly packed and delivered in a cardboard boxes.

(The reason why all eyes are the same price is that while smaller eyes need less material they get progressively much harder to paint.)

All items are as exhibited. Due to handmade nature of the product eyes make slight irregularities in coating thickness (not visible to naked eye unless you really look for it) or have few specks of dust that don’t impact the look of the eyes. 
All sales are final and we do not accept returns. 

Thank you!

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